Spring Has Sprung: Five Tips For Spring Gardening.

The boys here at Kookaburra Horticulture couldn't be happier when we realised tomorrow is the first day of Spring. For us it means nice warm days working in the sun, and for you it might mean more time at the beach, but it's an important time of the year for your gardens too. So, here are 5 gardening tips that we want you to keep in mind this Spring:

1. Plant your herbs and veggies now!

Been meaning to plant that veggie patch? Well, start planting! There's nothing like enjoying a nice, fresh salad at your summer BBQ that you've harvested right from your garden. Not sure what to plant? Considering we're in the sub-tropics here in Byron Bay, you might consider planting some of these:

Herbs: coriander, sow basil, chives, dill, sage, parsely, mint, thyme and oregano.

Veggies: broccoli, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, sweet potato, onion, carrot, capsicum, cabbage... and that's just a start! 

2. Tidy up the garden

Make space for growth by tidying up any debris - like those cheeky palm fronds - and pulling out all the weeds. Make sure you get them right from the roots so they can't keep growing! 

3. Feed your garden

Since there's no natural decay in the artificial world that is a garden, you need to make sure you give your lawn, native plants and gardens some fertiliser right at the start of spring before growth resumes. But be sure to check the PH of your soil first though. We can help you with that - give us a call! 

Mulching is another way, as well as fertiliser, to feed your garden. A few inches worth of mulch can also help to prevent any weeds you missed during your tidy up to survive. Mulch also helps with the temperate and moisture of your garden. Just be sure not to suffocate your plants!

4. Lay your turf

Spring is a perfect time to lay your new turf because the dormant time is over, and everything is growing. It's definitely important to try to get your turf down  before summer, because with such dry heat you're going to need to water your turf a lot more later in the year. 

5. Arrange ongoing garden maintenance!

We live in a tropical, wet environment here in the Byron shire, and this means we have beautiful, luscious greenery all around us. But, the more rain, the more growth! Spring is when your garden really starts to get moving, and we've noticed that it's the time when gardens in this area really get out of hand if not regularly maintained. The longer you leave your garden to overgrow, the more difficult and time consuming it is to tidy up when you do finally get around to it. And who wants to spend their Saturday elbow deep in overgrown garden when they could be out surfing? 

To ask more questions about any of the above, or to arrange a consultation about turfing or garden maintenance, give us a call!